Thursday, February 28, 2013

I usually don't realize it's the first of the month in time.

This is the first time in probably 6 months that I have been aware of the date.
I usually don't realize that it is a new month until usually 6-7 days into it.
But, now that I have a job- I am acutely aware of the date.
Here's what I have planned for the month and some goals that I have.

Image found via Tumblr
Work-out every day. 
NO SODA!  Only water.  All day. Every day.
Stay within my budget.

Help my sister move into her new home.
Dinner with two of my old co-workers.
Sorority Casino Night Fundraiser
Dinner with my cousin when she comes into town.
Look for stuff for when I move out in a couple months.
Like a new bed/ bedroom set, couch, table, and dishes.
I really want strawberry dishes/ a strawberry themed kitchen.

Ya know...When I list it all out it doesn't really seem like much.
But, I think it will be a good month!

 Peaches: "Fuck the Pain Away"


  1. i didnt even realize it was march 1 !! this is my wedding month! holy cow.

    keep us updated with your plans- i would love to see your future strawberry themed kitchen!: ) :)

  2. I am so with you on work out every day! Even if it's just a little. I need to get back into yoga so I can do that on my rest days! I can't keep myself from soda (I love you coke zero), but I do need to drink more water. And stick to my budget. BRB, stealing your goals!