Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's kind of awkward knowing one of the "bachelors"

Are any of you watching The Bachelorette?
I'll tell you a secret...
One of the guys went to my high school.
He was such a d-bag.
He is still a d-bag... I'm sure.
My sister saw him at their 10 year high school reunion and said he hadn't changed a bit.
I mean when you start a "cool kids of high school" club after high school has ended...you know that is d-bag status!
I won't disclose which one it is since I feel like I've talked a lot of s*** on him already!
I'm a horrible person.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Moving is intense.

Oh boy.  Why didn't anyone tell me how much was involved with moving?
I've been in Vancouver, Washington for almost 1 whole week now.
It feels longer.
This week was filled with changing insurance (health and car!), changing all information, setting up my room, getting a new car, starting my new job...etc.
Phew.  So tired.

The good news is that I am really enjoying my job.
It is such a change of pace from any job that I have ever had.
I am actually being trained, my bosses bought me a brand new chair, and the people I help on a day to day basis are actually nice and not yelling at me.
It's wonderful.
I still have to get a second job since this one is only part time, so keep your fingers crossed that I get the one that I interviewed for last Tuesday.  I should find out either way about that one this coming Tuesday. *fingers crossed*

The other good news is that I did a bit of exploring.
Here are some crappy iphone photos. 
I'm definitely going to go back with my "fancy" camera and do a bit more!

Mt. Hood- Taken from Fort Vancouver

The Columbian River- Taken from Portland Womens Forum State Park

Multnomah Falls

Portland Rose Gardens