Friday, November 30, 2012

I should be a road trip expert.

I think most road trips start out:

 Woo Hoo! Road trip!

Then an hour into it, it's like:
Woo hoo.  Road trip.

There are times when I'm like:
Waaah my back hurts.
...excuse me speed racer, you need to slow down!
...gaaah I have to pee so bad!
...I hate this song...and this song...and this song
why do I keep songs on my ipod that I don't like?
This was taken over the summer. 
This weekend I am going up to Northern California again.  This time to visit my aunt and cousins that live in Modesto. (not the most ideal location, but it will be good to hang out with some fam!).  I'll make sure to do my ritual before heading out, but also I wanted to make a playlist of the songs I like to listen to on the way. So I don't have to hit skip again and again...and again.

or actually all of The Black Keys albums!
or actually all of Death Cab's albums!
or actually all of KOLs albums (except for the most recent one lol)

...and a lot more.  Obviously since it is about a 6-7 hour drive one way!
What are your go to bands or songs you listen to on road trips?

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's OK Thursday

I'm linking up today with Amber and Neely for It's OK Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

... that I broke down and weighed myself yesterday.
I definitely shouldn't have because now I am discouraged (like I always get when I weigh myself so frequently)  But, I won't let it get me down this time.  My pants feel looser and that's good for now until my next real weigh day on Monday...or maybe I should just have someone hide my scale...

...that I'm still waiting for my yarn shipment to come in
I only ordered it on Monday, but I am just too excited to be patient for it!

...that I cheat a little bit doing Insanity.
I am cheating a bit because it is a bit intense for my fitness level, but also I injured my wrist 2 weeks ago- don't ask me how, because I have no idea!  I literally couldn't move it for 2 days!  You should have seen me trying to type out posts for this blog with one hand! haha!- and some of the activities (like push-ups and tri-cep dips) really hurt it.  However, I don't just sit there doing nothing...I've subbed in other moves that don't involve my that's better than nothing, right?

...that this song currently motivates me to workout.
who am I? lol

Kanye West- "Clique" ft. Big Sean & Jay-Z (Explicit) 

...that I'm looking online for a Birthday dress already.

My birthday isn't for another 30 days not that I'm counting.  I can't help but look for a cute dress to wear to the dinner party I'm throwing for it! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Alaska Adventures: Can- Opener Man

Over the summer I took a road trip with two of my girl friends from here (Los Angeles, California) all the way up to Fairbanks, Alaska.  Yep, we drove.  How far is it you ask?  About 10,000 miles!  The whole trip was about 2 months.  We met some of the best people on the trip, and also some of the weirdest.  Today, I would like to share the story of how we came to meet a man we call "Can-opener Man"

Here we are the night before we left on our adventure:
Starting from the Left: Me (hollllaaaa!), Kylie (She is from Australia, I met her through Cheryl) and Cheryl on the right (we met in college)
The Tale (yet completely true story) of Can-opener Man:

It was still early on in our trip, probably the second week in.  We were camping somewhere in Santa Rosa, California.  We had just come from San Francisco, where we did a bike ride to the bridge.

Just a bit of trouble trying to figure out when the timer was going to go off so we just kept jumping and jumping haha
We got a bit lost, or as we liked to say, "seeing everything"  before we finally made it to a campsite for the night.  We set up camp, and started cooking dinner.  As we were cooking dinner, two people from the campsite next to us came over and asked to use our can-opener.  There were two boys and one girl at the other campsite <remember this, it will be helpful later.

Not too long after that, a man comes up to us and says, 
"I found a can-opener for you guys."  
We told him that we hadn't asked for it, but the people next to us did, but they had used ours so they probably didn't need it anymore.  He said, 
"OK, I will go give this to them then." 
Queue to us giving each other weird looks.

Our campsite in Santa Rosa.  I believe we were having Journal Time. haha!
One of our less impressive meals of canned soup.
A little while later, we are siting around our poor excuse for a camp fire (we hadn't yet discovered lighter fluid or kindling), and the girl and guy from earlier approached us again.  The girl asked if we wanted to join them at their fire because Can-Opener Man was over at their camp, wouldn't leave them alone, and the girl was getting nervous.

We agreed due to the huge fire they had going and we were freezing!  When we got to their camp, it was apparent that Can-Opener Man was very...well... intoxicated.  The evidence that supported our hypothesis was when he said, 
"I'm going to sit down in this chair."
Queue to him falling over the chair and spilling his drink everywhere
Then saying,
"Who put that chair there??"
He eventually made his way back to his tent, but we could still hear him.  The girl starting freaking out saying things like, "I don't think he's really drunk.", "I don't want to stay here tonight." "He asked me where the other two girls are that I am with, but I am the only girl with these guys, then he said,
'I hate when girls go missing'
I'm really scared of this guy.", "I don't think he's really drunk, I saw the bottle and it is still full."

So, she's freaking us out in the meantime.  When we get back to the tent, Kylie looks at Cheryl and me and says that she has a padlock to lock the tent with.  This seemed like brilliant logic at the time.  Obviously, an attacker would see that we had locked the "door", know they were not invited in, and then go attack someone else! Cheryl slept with the marshmallow poker as a weapon.

Come morning time, we are laughing hysterically at the lock on the tent and Cheryl says, "I woke up in the middle of the night wondering why my hands were so cold.  Then I realized I was holding the marshmallow poker!  What was I planning on doing with that if someone were to attack us?!"

We laughed and laughed and laughed.  I'm still laughing. haha!

This is just one of the characters we met on the trip.  There's still unicorn man, pregnant man, Abraham Lincoln, and so many more.  But there were also some really fantastic and amazing people that we met on the trip.  So great. So many memories.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Alright, that's it, I'm throwing out my scale.

OK, I lied, not really.  But, you see, I have this problem.  I weigh myself  I think this is a California thing because when I was signing up for health insurance a few months ago the woman I spoke with asked me when the last time I weight myself was.  I thought it was normal to weigh myself every day, but she said she had noticed that most people don't even weigh themselves once a year, and the people that did weigh themselves every day (or every week) were mostly from California!  What the heck?!  Not weighing myself?! That gives me anxiety!

I know it's not healthy to weigh yourself everyday.  Sometimes I would weigh myself even more.  For example: when I woke up, after I went to the bathroom (tmi?), after I showered, after I ate, after I worked out, right before bed... too often.  My name is Katie, and I am a compulsive weigher.

So, I am trying to keep it to once a week.  It makes me mad when I would gain half a pound from the day before, and then I'd just binge eat and never get anywhere.  So, once a week I think will be good.

How often do you weigh yourself?

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Monday, November 26, 2012

A Christmas Unicorn and zombies.

I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner!  I'm not sure if California knows though--the weather was about 80F over the weekend!  That didn't stop me from crocheting my blanket a bit.  I will admit that I was sweating from how warm it makes me already!  The sad news is that I ran out of yarn, so I am going to have to order more online (woo hoo for Cyber Monday and 30% off and free shipping from Jo-Ann's Fabrics!) and wait for it to come in before I can finish it...but I am nearly there!

I was listening to Sufjan Steven's new Christmas Album (You can totally listen to it on Spotify!  Free rocks my socks!  Though, I'll probably buy it- you know, once I get a job- because Sufjan rocks my socks even more!)

But, one of the songs is absolutely one of my new favorites- Christmas Unicorn.

Sufjan is brilliant when writing lyrics, and this song is no exception.  I like the message behind the "Christmas Unicorn" so, let's all NOT be Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, or Winter Solstice, or which  ever you celebrate!) Unicorns this year, yea?

I think I am going to start by giving more thoughtful gifts (even though my family said we aren't doing gifts this year).  I just can't help myself!  There are so many things that I had thought about making for people in my family and it was kind of personalized in a way, so let's just not tell them that I am making them things, ok?

Also, I tried out my new app that I had mentioned a while ago (I finally got out there and running!).  It's called Zombies Run!

Photo courtesy of Google Search
This app was a bit pricey (I think it was $8.00?  I'm not too sure because I bought it a couple weeks ago).  But, I thought it would be worth the investment.  It wasn't quite what I was expecting.  I liked the story line (it kept my time interesting), but I thought that I would hear the zombies the whole time I was running.

You want to know how many zombie mobs I outran?  Zero.  I would die in the zombie apocalypse!  At least it is something that I have to work towards...if I want to look at it that way!

I am a bit discouraged because I only did 2 miles (mostly walking).  I have to remember that I am not at the fitness level that I used to be, but I will get time, and I can work up to the mileage I was at before.  Well, I am off to watch Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead!

What apps do you like for fitness?

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

I'm absolutely miserable.

Oh my goodness.  I ate SO much food yesterday!  I should have stopped before the point of misery, but honestly I don't think I ate too much.  Let's see if I can recall everything I ate:

two cream puffs 
thats actually pretty good because I think I usually eat three or four, yikes!  

a bit of 7 layer dip
not very Thanksgiving-y but we have it at every family gathering

stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, a roll (I didn't even eat the roll, I was too full!), and a small portion of fruit salad (I didn't even eat all of that either!)

A small sliver of pecan pie
YOU GUYS!  My pecan pie turned out amazing! It was so delicious...I wanted to eat more, but I could barely finish the few bites that I had!

A few pieces of fudge
My meemaw's fudge is the most delicious thing you will ever eat!

2 glasses of wine

I'm not sure if this is a lot of food, or a little, or just enough (who am I?  Goldie Locks?)  I'm going to say too much because I was absolutely miserable for the rest of the night.  Why!  Why do I need to eat so much!?

In light of all this, I am back on to eating healthy (because I don't like feeling this way after eating!!) and exercising and getting into shape.  I'm really excited about this and I'm hoping to lose about 10 more pounds before my birthday (If I do, then I will finally be in the "healthy" BMI awesome will that be (now that would be a fantastic birthday gift to myself!)!!  About 35 days until my birthday...I think that's enough time to lose 10 pounds, about 2 a week.  That's realistic, right?

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Pecans flown in from Texas?

When my mom told me that my aunt was going to make the Pumpkin Pie this year, I had to rethink what I was going to make for Thanksgiving.  So, I thought I'd give Pecan Pie a go.  Little did I know that my moms family in Texas had sent her some pecans.  She said I could put them into my pie (I should tell you how much she loves these pecans...I mean, she loves them, a lot. a lot.)  ...the pressure was on!  What if I messed up the pies?!  I couldn't just go out and get more pecans...I mean, these were from TEXAS (say that in your best Mean Girls voice lol)!

However, this was the easiest recipe I have ever attempted.  I haven't tasted the pie just yet, but it smells of maple-y goodness and that to me equals amazing!  Here's how easy it is:

Chop up some pecans (please note: yours do not have to be from Texas!)

Then throw the maple syrup, sugar, brown sugar, eggs, flour, butter, and vanilla extract in a separate bowl...and whisk that baby (whisk it good!)!

I wanted to double the recipe since I had an extra pie crust, but I didn't have quite enough maple syrup, so I one and a halfed the recipe to make two 3/4s pies.  If that makes sense.

Then, put the chopped pecans in the pie crust, and pour the heavenly maple goodness mixture on top.  Toss (gently!) that pan full of delight into the oven on 350F for one hour and that's it! (I did a little under an hour since it wasn't a full pie)

Super easy.  It probably took less than 20 minutes to prepare the filling.  I can't wait to dig into these babies!  If you would like the recipe, I found it here: Maple Pecan Pie

Since I'm having Thanksgiving today, I spent a bit of yesterday making my yearly Christmas bow for my pup.  I crocheted it this year instead of sewing, and it is adorable!  If you crochet, you can find the pattern here: Bow Pattern 

I don't think he likes it too much, and I know he hates having his picture taken.  I was lucky this time and he didn't growl at me!

Also, since today is technically the day after Thanksgiving that means that I get to listen to Christmas now, right?  Sure!  Here is one of my favorite Christmas songs!

Sufjan Stevens: "Put the Lights on the Tree"
Also, I fear that cartoon Sufjan has jaundice!

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's OK Thursday...

Happy Thanksgiving!  Today I am linking up with Amber and Neeley for It's OK Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok...

...that I am not celebrating Thanksgiving today
My family is coming over tomorrow to celebrate instead since many of them work today.

... that I am trying a brand new recipe for Thanksgiving
I have never made Pecan Pie before.  This will only be the second time I have even made pie.  I wouldn't count stirring filling for a pie as baking one either though!

...that I spent $9 on tea yesterday
I found the Sugar Cookie tea!  It was at Target, and on sale!  It was meant to be.  I also got the Gingerbread Spice flavor as well.  Those were the only Holiday flavor options my Target had (I really wonder what the Nutcracker flavor tastes like!).  Also,  I met an older man in line while waiting to be rung up...he didn't seem as excited by my purchase as I was!

... that I had a split moment of insanity where I thought I was going to cut my hair.
I had the appointment made and everything.  I am glad I came to my senses before it was too late!

...that my second interview isn't for another week and a half.
I am thankful that I have a second interview, and a bit of time to find the right outfit.

I hope you guys have a great day celebrating this holiday (whether with a big group of friends and family or a small gathering)!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giveaway Announcement!

As I mentioned previously, I said that I would do a giveaway when I hit 10 followers.  Well, my dears...that day has come!  So, I am pleased to announce my first giveaway!  The giveaway starts today (Wednesday November 21st, 2012 and will run until Wednesday December 5th, 2012).  I have TWO options up for grabs! Both of these are handmade with love by me! 

The first is this scarf:

The second is this headband:

Now you're probably wondering how you can make these winter must-haves yours! 

 Well here's how to enter!

(Please note: You must be following me for your entries to count)
1- Leave a comment below and let me know which item you would like (and also a way to contact you)
2- Link up with this post.  Mention this giveaway on your blog, and then put a link to that post in the comment section below.

Each way will give you one entry (so, that would make two entries possible).  I will randomly select the lucky winner in two weeks!  And, "May the odds be ever in your favor"!

And a special thank you to my sister for coming over and taking photos for me.  This is an outtake from her telling me to "work it".

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Liebster Award + Giveaway!

I have been nominated for a Liebster Award by Thessaly at Lazerus Bell and Stephanie at Stephanie, In New Hampshire!  How cool is that?!  Thank you both for the nomination! The award is to appreciate bloggers with under 200 followers, and I definitely fall into that category- but I do love every single one of my lovely followers!

The rules are:
- Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves
-They must also answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for them
-They must then choose 11 special bloggers to tag & award with the Liebster Award with less than 200 hundred followers.
- These lucky bloggers must be told in a comment on their blog

Sounds good to me!  So, let's get started!
 11 things about me:
  1. I graduated from college with a degree in English (emphasizing on Literature and Language).  An absolute passion.  Too bad passion can't find me a job in the field.
  2. I am a self taught crocheter (but, maybe all those times my meemaw tried to teach me counts for a large bit of it).
  3. I drive a 2004 Ford Focus.  Please do not make fun of it.  His name is Randall the Raincloud and I love him dearly.
  4. I recently did a bit of traveling:  England, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and France.  Then I took a roadtrip from here in Southern California all the way up to Fairbanks, Alaska.  10,000 miles!  You can read more about that in my About Me section!
  5. I'm not a big fan of eating meat (I also won't sit there with "judgy eyes" if you do like to eat it.)
  6. My favorite musicians/bands are:  Death Cab for Cutie, Sufjan Stevens, The Black Keys, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and Fleet Foxes,
  7. I am terrible with directions.  Don't let me direct you any where! Seriously, I give people wrong directions to my own house- I have lived here for 25 years!
  8. My favorite writers are Oscar Wilde, Sylvia Plath, and Robert Frost.
  9. I've started a small- or as I like to call "quaint"- record collection.
  10. I love all things Matryoshka or gnome related.  Or anything with strawberries on it.
  11. I have a pup named Gusss (yes, 3 S's!)
Questions for me from Thessaly!

1- What is your favorite comic/ graphic novel?
I don't believe I have ever read a comic or graphic novel!  Does flipping through a co-workers copy of The Walking Dead count?  If so, then I pick that.  I like watching the tv show.

2- If you were a character in a tv show, which tv show would you choose to be in?
I like this question because I happened to already have had this conversation with my friend.  I would definitely be Phoebe from friends.  We are both so weird and totally okay with it!
3- Pancakes or waffles?
Waffles- hands down.  They don't get all mushy with the syrup and I like that.  Good job waffles!

4- What is your most valued possession?
This teddy bear my meemaw made me when I was born.  

5- What book (if any) changed your life?
I read The Count of Monte Cristo my Freshman year in High School.  This is the book that changed my life.  It showed me that reading is fun and delightful.  I think that is when I started to really get into English and Literature.  I also think I have read the book about 4 or 5 times!

6- Do you believe in divination and/ or horoscopes.
I do enjoy reading my horoscope, but I don't really think they can necessarily predict anything (maybe I should stop reading the ones with grammar and spelling mistakes...but that costs money lol)  But, I do believe that people have certain personality tendencies based on when they were born. 

7- Whats your favorite perfume?
I have been wearing Princess by Vera Wang for the pass couple of years now.

8- What are you most prod of accomplishing?
I think graduating from college is a bit of an accomplishment.  And also saving enough money to travel Europe since that is something that I had always wanted to do.

9- What's a deal breaker for you in relationships?
Well, I can't say that I have been in too many any relationships, but I think the real deal breaker is treating me like less than a person.  If that makes sense.

10- Do you drive?  If so, what kind of car?
Woo hoo!  I'm one step ahead on this one!

11- What do you keep on your bedside table?
Oh dear, lots of things...too many things!  Right now: 5 crochet hooks, scissors, The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling,  The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath,  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Hans Christian Anderson's Fairytales, USB plug, water, earrings, bobby pins, lotion, coasters, a mug, a bottle of champagne, my planner, and headphones.  Sounds cluttered and yet also awesome! haha

Questions for me from Stephanie!

1- Which sounds better, Disneyland, or Disney World?
I think Disney World sounds better, but that could be because I don't live anywhere near it.  Fun Fact:  I used to work at Disneyland. 

2- If you had to host a chick flick night, what movie would you choose?
Either She's the Man (No matter how many times I watch that movie, it never gets old.  Or The Holiday.  Because I can't get over Jude Law in that movie- and also Kate Winslet is hilarious in it.  

3- You have to hike a mountain, which one do you choose?
I am not much of a hiker (queue to me hiking in Denali and crying on top of a mountain because I hated it so much!)  But, there is a hike around where I live up in the San Gabriel Mountains called "The Bridge to No Where"  it's a 10 mile round trip hike, but when you get to the bridge (if you go on the right day of the week) there are people bungee jumping off of it!  It's delightful!  

4- Green, black, white, or what other kind of tea do you like the most?
I normally go for green or black.  But, I recently heard of a sugar cookie flavored tea, and I thought that sounded absolutely wonderful!  

5- You get to repaint your bedroom, which color would you like?
I'd probably keep the same color with a fresh coat.  It's a very light brown.  I'd describe it as though you put a bit too much creamer in your coffee (Here's my new calling in life- naming paint colors!)

6- What is your dream vacation?
I think where I don't want to go is more of the questions.  I'd be happy to go to Greece, Spain, Australia, Ireland, or anywhere really!

7- If you could have a super power, what would you want?
When I was growing up I always wanted to be like Alex Mack.  So, I guess that still holds true to this day!  

8-Favorite book from classic literature?
The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde- One of my favorites at least!

9- If you went to Hogwarts, what would your favorite class be?
Oh dear, I don't think I have read enough Harry Potter to make an informed decision!  Maybe potions?  

10- You get a gift card for the store of your choice, which store is it? Major mall or handmade shop?
Target all the way!  

11-Would you rather cruise in the Caribbean or vacation in the snow?
Probably Caribbean...I'm not one for the cold...but that would be fun too!

And now, questions for my nominees!
1- What are you looking forward to the most in the next upcoming year?
2- Who is your favorite musician and/or band?
3- What was your favorite food as a child?
4- What was the last movie/TV show/book that made you cry or tear up?
5- Which do you prefer: Morning, Noon, or Night?
6- What is one thing you do every morning without fail even if you are running late?
7- What is a big pet peeve of yours?
8- Have any hidden talents or hobbies?
9- Coffee or tea?
10- What is one of your favorite memories?
11- What's one awesome thing that happened to you this week?

Who I'm nominating!
Jessica @ Sew in Love
The Musings of Kristen Nicole
Betwixt & Between
My Dear Watson
The Awkward Indie Girl
Life by Nadine Lynn

Phew!  I think this is the longest post I have ever made!  I was going to announce a giveaway but I think I will do that tomorrow- So, stay tuned!

Monday, November 19, 2012

An extra day away.

What a great weekend up in San Jose, California.  It was an easy drive up, and great to see my friend.  She was a bit sick so we didn't do anything crazy, but it was still awesome to see her!  Enjoy some photos!

Tunes and munchies- basics for a roadtrip

Rock Bottom Brewery- White Ale

Vanilla- Honey Tea

Have you ever had an It's It?  Oh my yummy goodness!  Coffee Icecream with oat meal cookie on top (no raisins!) dipped in chocolate!  My new favorite I think!  Sorry about the blurry photo I was trying to get a pic as quick as possible to get back to devouring it!

We also did a bit of baking on this cold weekend!

A bit of crafting too!  We made these mugs based on the people we met on our Alaska Road Trip!

Oh!  And I think my interview went well.  I have a second interview in two weeks!  *fingers crossed*!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekend get-a-way rituals.

Am I the only one that has rituals before heading away for the weekend? This weekend I am heading up to San Jose, California to visit my bestest friend!  Before I leave for a weekend, you can always tell without me saying so.  I always:

- Do my laundry
Like, all of it.
- Clean up my room
maybe even a bit of dusting (mmm no, I lied, no dusting haha!)
- Make my bed
This hardly ever happens
- Clean up my bathroom

I always, always, always (unless it's super last minute that I plan something away) do this before leaving for the weekend.  The worst part about coming back from a mini-vacation is the coming back part coming back to a mess of a room (I'm sure this list would be much longer if I didn't still live with my parents. wah wah).  I like looking forward to coming back to a clean room and everything in place.  I don't like to feel stressed that I should do it upon getting back, but being too tired to, ya know?

All packed up and ready to go.  It is supposed to rain up there all weekend.  So, yay for getting to wear my new boots!
 Funny side story: I went down to San Diego for the weekend a little while ago- making sure to do my little ritual before leaving.  However, I didn't let my parents know that I wouldn't be coming home for a couple days.  Queue to my mom calling me at 3 am (yes, I am 25 years old and my mom still worries about me being out late/ not coming home).  Once I let her know where I was, she said, "I should have known you were gone for the weekend, your room was clean and your bed was made!"  Context clues, mom.  Context clues.  haha!

Also,  I have a job interview today (right before I head out to leave for the weekend)!  I am hoping so much that this goes well and is what I want. *fingers crossed* 

Sorry for terrible quality photos!  And check out my cute shoes!  I just had to show you guys lol

Side note:  One of my facebook friends posted that he/she had applied to 4 jobs, and hadn't heard anything, and were "getting discouraged".  Ummm, what?  I have applied to at least 100 jobs and have barely had any responses!  Yeesh!

I've been nominated for the Liebster Award by two fantastic bloggers!  Look for that post coming soon (Like when I get back from this weekend lol)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's ok Thursday

Today I am linking up with Amber and Neely for It's ok Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok...
...that I wrote out a whole long blog post for today, but decided to delete instead of publish

...that I have taken a break from my afghan for the past 2 days
crocheting is supposed to be fun, not a chore!

...that my parents have decided to BBQ the turkey for Thanksgiving
wait, what?

...that my Aunt decided to make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving
I was planning on making it, but now I think I will make Pecan!

...that I am running out of things to watch on Instant Netflix
too much is bad for you

...that I am still so sore from my one miniscule work out this week
that means I am getting stronger, right?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Things I'm loving these days

Here are a few things I have been obsessed with!

1.)  The Head and the Heart: "Down in the Valley"

I just love everything about this song- the piano, the violin, the voice, the melody. everything.  It puts me into a really great mood when I listen to it.

2.)  Hart of Dixie
Photo courtesy of google search

When this show first came out I was like, "Ugh, that looks so dumb.  There is no way I would ever watch that."  Well, season 1 was on Instant Netflix and I didn't have anything else to watch so I thought I would give it a go.  I really, really liked it!  I hate to admit it.  But, it is worth giving it a chance.

 3.)  The Lucky One 

I wouldn't call this the best movie I have ever seen in my life, but I did enjoy it.  I think that I am just in the mood for some super sappy love movies these days, and this one was perfect for it. Although, the whole time I kept thinking that she just looked a bit too old for him.  Am I the only one?

4.)  Boot Cuffs
I need a break from my afghan...I think I'm going to try this pattern this week!

5.) These cards really do sum up a lot.

Haha, yahhh. :)
 I really ought to tell you the story of how I met a guy named Alex burns on my road trip to Alaska ones of these days.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

So this is what is feels like to not have worked out for 6 months.

I went on the same walk today that I have gone on many many times.  Please, tell me why it was so hard!?  Yes, I do live around hills, but earlier this year I could almost run up the whole thing.  Today?  I could barely get myself to walk up it.  Starting back at ground -5 is in no way shape or size what I would call my idea of fun.

I had big plans for my work out today too.  I was going to do this new running app that I bought, and be right back to where I was.  Yeesh!  Not at this rate!  I've revised my work out strategy and I am just going to ease myself into it with just walking this week, and then next week I can start doing interval running.

The funny thing is that as I was doing this walk (that's right, only walking!  Well, maybe one day I'll get a photo of the hill I have to climb!) I thought about how before I thought I was sooOOoo out of shape.  I would kill to be back to where I was!

The good news though?  Thanks to losing 10 pounds, I fit into my work out clothes!  Holllaaaa!  No excuses for this girl!

I'm linking up today with Tell Me About it Tuesday!

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Monday, November 12, 2012

You wanna know a secret?

I haven't told this to anybody!  Are you ready?  Are you sure?  Really, are you sure?  Maybe you should have a seat.  Oh, you probably are sitting! (ok, enough stalling!)  Since the beginning of the Summer, I have gained 10 pounds!  yikes!  Can you believe that!  How completely embarrassing!  Who gains weight over summer?  Isn't that something that happens in Winter?  Or maybe it is just more "acceptable" with the holidays? I just wasn't keeping track and didn't really care.  And look where that type of thinking got me.  I had this mindset that I would start exercising again once I got back down to the weight I started at- what kind of thinking that is, I cannot say!

But, I am proud to say that I am back down to my pre-summer weight...and even one pound lighter than that!  I still have quite a bit to go to bring down my BMI to a healthy number, but I am feeling a bit more motivated to get on out there and moving.

 I bought a running app (ok, maybe I bought this app a couple months ago- thinking it would help me be motivated), so I am looking forward to trying that out- and I am thinking that I will probably review it on here as well.  I have changed up my diet and eating much healthier (and drooling all over my sweets pinterest board so I don't go out and eat every delicious thing that I see in person! lol) and that is what I attribute to the weight loss so far.

Maybe I will get out for a run (ok, walk) today!  Here's what's on my playlist:

Such a random mix of songs (and kind of old because I can't afford to buy new music lol)- apparently I like to get a little crunk when I workout. lol  What music do you like to listen to when you workout (or even in general!)  I'm dieing for some new music!  Also, what kind of workouts do you enjoy doing?

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Sunday Social 
I think I am going to skip this week's Sunday's Sylvia, and be a little bit social! (Also, I know the post title is a bit funky, but I couldn't link up without shortening the title! Or am I just completely computer illiterate? haha!)  So, let's get down to it!

Favorite Thanksgiving Memory:
I don't think that I can pick one specific memory out.  But, just Thanksgiving as a whole is so wonderful.  My family doesn't live too close together, so it's not very often that we all get to hang out together.  It is so great to see everyone together.  It is very loud, and crowded, and delightful.  But, that is what I expect every year, and I have such a great time catching up with everyone!

Favorite Thanksgiving Food: My favorite used to be mashed potatoes (I know, how boring!), but when I became a vegetarian, my mom made me a special side of vegetarian stuffing.  I felt compelled to eat it.  Oh my!  Stuffing is my new favorite!

What is a Thanksgiving Tradition you and your family have?  We have a couple traditions that we do EVERY year:

1.) My aunt is the designated cream puff maker.  The unofficial goal is to eat as many cream puffs as you can before dinner is served.  But, you can't tell anyone you're eating them.  You have to be very sneaky.  Most people (the rookies) get caught from choking on the powdered sugar!
2-3.) Two and three are two-fold.  My mom serves fruit salad.  Everyone jokes that she can get all the bananas out of the salad with one swipe of the spoon.  So, we started a little joke about that, and if someone asks for you to pass something to them (i.e. fruit salad) you have to pass it the long way round the table (this was mostly started so that everyone could get a scoop of the fruit salad before it got to my mom lol).  You can even pass it back around if your the person right before the person asking for it.  It is quite funny and keeps dinner going on forever!

Show us a favorite Thanksgiving picture(or 5) from years past
Is it kind of odd that I don't think I have any pictures of family from Thanksgiving? Hmmm...well enjoy this picture of pumpkin pie (This year, I told my mom I wanted to make the pumpkin pie from scratch...this could be the best idea or I could totally ruin Thanksgiving!  We will see!)

What are you most looking forward to about this Thanksgiving?
My sister and two of my cousins are planning a super special surprise for my family.  We are going to dress up like these characters from this cheesy 80's play we used to watch over and OVER...It should be a big surprise!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Photo Snapshots 11/10/12

Here are the snapshots from the week!

Sunday 11/04/12: Open faced grilled cheese with tomatoes and basil.

Monday 11/05/12:  Playing around with my camera

Tuesday 11/6/12: I bought this pin on my Alaska Road Trip, and i finally put it up in my car.
Wednesday 11/07/12:  Drinking Vanilla Rooibos tea in one of my favorite mugs (it has Shakespeare insult quotes lol)
Thursday 11/07/12:  Still reading this book.  And I couldn't figure out how to flip this photo.  I thought I was doing so well!

Friday 11/09/12:  A drive with my pup.  His name is Gusss (yes 3 S's!)

Saturday 11/10/12:  I'm making progress on my blanket!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Well would you look at that!

Early this morning, I woke up and the emergency light was on in my room (the one my dad installed in case the power goes out)...I didn't really think about it too much since I was just thinking that the power went out...but...when I got out of bed this was raining!!!  Thank you California!  I don't think you can see it too well in the photo below... but I tried to get a picture of it for you.

You can tell that it doesn't rain too much in California if I am taking a picture of it and that I am this excited for it.  Luckily, I don't really have anywhere to go do not want to see Californians driving in the's like they forget how to drive or something because water is falling from the sky. lol  I think today is the only day it is supposed to rain this week, but I hope that that means that cooler weather will stay!

Now, I am off to go work on my crochet blanket a bit more (it's coming along nicely...after ripping out at least 100 rows- or so it feels like- because I couldn't figure out what the hell was going wrong with it.  But, I did!  And now it is coming along...I think I should have it finished by this time next week...if I can keep working on it this much.)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Things that make me happy.

I truly believe that the little everyday things are the things that keep you (ok, well me at least!) going.  Here are the things that are keeping me happy these days:

- I just made plans to go see my best friend (she left me for a teaching job up in San Jose, California).  Only 10-ish more days not that I'm counting or anything.
10 points awarded to me for posting a pic without make-up! haha!

 - The Avett Brothers (with pups and mustaches?  What more could you ask for!)

- Being healthy enough to if only I could get the motivation to do it
 -staring at the word exercise for 10 minutes figuring out if I was spelling it right (I wasn't...I curse you red squiggle underline- but happy for helping me!)

- A newly learned crochet technique: pattern here (umm hi california?  I thought we had a deal...I crochet cute warm things and you cool down?  What happened to was 90 degrees yesterday!)

- Instant Netflix

- Waking up without an alarm clock

- The fact that it is November...No Shave November to be exact.  I love a beard on a man.

- Putting back the dress you know you shouldn't buy
small financial victory!

"The art of happiness lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things"
-Henry Ward Beecher

What everyday things are making you happy?

*Don't forget to vote today!  I don't care who you vote for...just make an informed decision and make your vote count!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Oh my goodness gracious!

Look what came in the mail for me Saturday!  I had to wait a whole week to get this shipment of yarn in apparently, I am easily excited! I had been waiting ALL week for it.

Red Heart Light & Lofty yarn
 However, I had a couple people request some crochet headbands from me A little back story:  I made my sister a headband with the colors of the school she teaches at so she would be warm at the football games she coaches cheer at.  Well, I guess some of the girls really liked the headband, and wanted me to make some for them. 

 I had to put aside the yarn I had waited oh, so long for...but I finally finished the headbands boy are my hands sore! and I get to get started on this afghan.  I CAN"T wait...but my hands are sore!  If this is the biggest dilema in my life, I'd say I'm doing alright!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday's Sylvia

"Remember, remember, this is now, and now, and now, live it, feel it, cling to it."
- Sylvia Plath

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Photo Snapshots 11/01/12-11/03/12

In keeping with The Confidence Project, here are the photos I have taken this week (well, considering that November started on Thursday!)

Thursday 11/01/12- A little blog lovin'
Friday 11/02/12- The Dirty Heads record and record player
Saturday 11/03/12-  My Aunt painted this picture and I got it when going through her things for her big move to Arizona.  Now, I just need a place to hang it.