Monday, November 12, 2012

You wanna know a secret?

I haven't told this to anybody!  Are you ready?  Are you sure?  Really, are you sure?  Maybe you should have a seat.  Oh, you probably are sitting! (ok, enough stalling!)  Since the beginning of the Summer, I have gained 10 pounds!  yikes!  Can you believe that!  How completely embarrassing!  Who gains weight over summer?  Isn't that something that happens in Winter?  Or maybe it is just more "acceptable" with the holidays? I just wasn't keeping track and didn't really care.  And look where that type of thinking got me.  I had this mindset that I would start exercising again once I got back down to the weight I started at- what kind of thinking that is, I cannot say!

But, I am proud to say that I am back down to my pre-summer weight...and even one pound lighter than that!  I still have quite a bit to go to bring down my BMI to a healthy number, but I am feeling a bit more motivated to get on out there and moving.

 I bought a running app (ok, maybe I bought this app a couple months ago- thinking it would help me be motivated), so I am looking forward to trying that out- and I am thinking that I will probably review it on here as well.  I have changed up my diet and eating much healthier (and drooling all over my sweets pinterest board so I don't go out and eat every delicious thing that I see in person! lol) and that is what I attribute to the weight loss so far.

Maybe I will get out for a run (ok, walk) today!  Here's what's on my playlist:

Such a random mix of songs (and kind of old because I can't afford to buy new music lol)- apparently I like to get a little crunk when I workout. lol  What music do you like to listen to when you workout (or even in general!)  I'm dieing for some new music!  Also, what kind of workouts do you enjoy doing?

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