Monday, November 26, 2012

A Christmas Unicorn and zombies.

I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner!  I'm not sure if California knows though--the weather was about 80F over the weekend!  That didn't stop me from crocheting my blanket a bit.  I will admit that I was sweating from how warm it makes me already!  The sad news is that I ran out of yarn, so I am going to have to order more online (woo hoo for Cyber Monday and 30% off and free shipping from Jo-Ann's Fabrics!) and wait for it to come in before I can finish it...but I am nearly there!

I was listening to Sufjan Steven's new Christmas Album (You can totally listen to it on Spotify!  Free rocks my socks!  Though, I'll probably buy it- you know, once I get a job- because Sufjan rocks my socks even more!)

But, one of the songs is absolutely one of my new favorites- Christmas Unicorn.

Sufjan is brilliant when writing lyrics, and this song is no exception.  I like the message behind the "Christmas Unicorn" so, let's all NOT be Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, or Winter Solstice, or which  ever you celebrate!) Unicorns this year, yea?

I think I am going to start by giving more thoughtful gifts (even though my family said we aren't doing gifts this year).  I just can't help myself!  There are so many things that I had thought about making for people in my family and it was kind of personalized in a way, so let's just not tell them that I am making them things, ok?

Also, I tried out my new app that I had mentioned a while ago (I finally got out there and running!).  It's called Zombies Run!

Photo courtesy of Google Search
This app was a bit pricey (I think it was $8.00?  I'm not too sure because I bought it a couple weeks ago).  But, I thought it would be worth the investment.  It wasn't quite what I was expecting.  I liked the story line (it kept my time interesting), but I thought that I would hear the zombies the whole time I was running.

You want to know how many zombie mobs I outran?  Zero.  I would die in the zombie apocalypse!  At least it is something that I have to work towards...if I want to look at it that way!

I am a bit discouraged because I only did 2 miles (mostly walking).  I have to remember that I am not at the fitness level that I used to be, but I will get time, and I can work up to the mileage I was at before.  Well, I am off to watch Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead!

What apps do you like for fitness?

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  1. Haha how funny! That app is pricey! And I love me some spotify! I will have to check out the Christmas album!

  2. This app sounds awesome! Makes me wish I had sidewalks, I'm scared a bit to go running without them. Definitely putting this on my list of 'awesome fitness apps'