Saturday, November 24, 2012

I'm absolutely miserable.

Oh my goodness.  I ate SO much food yesterday!  I should have stopped before the point of misery, but honestly I don't think I ate too much.  Let's see if I can recall everything I ate:

two cream puffs 
thats actually pretty good because I think I usually eat three or four, yikes!  

a bit of 7 layer dip
not very Thanksgiving-y but we have it at every family gathering

stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, a roll (I didn't even eat the roll, I was too full!), and a small portion of fruit salad (I didn't even eat all of that either!)

A small sliver of pecan pie
YOU GUYS!  My pecan pie turned out amazing! It was so delicious...I wanted to eat more, but I could barely finish the few bites that I had!

A few pieces of fudge
My meemaw's fudge is the most delicious thing you will ever eat!

2 glasses of wine

I'm not sure if this is a lot of food, or a little, or just enough (who am I?  Goldie Locks?)  I'm going to say too much because I was absolutely miserable for the rest of the night.  Why!  Why do I need to eat so much!?

In light of all this, I am back on to eating healthy (because I don't like feeling this way after eating!!) and exercising and getting into shape.  I'm really excited about this and I'm hoping to lose about 10 more pounds before my birthday (If I do, then I will finally be in the "healthy" BMI awesome will that be (now that would be a fantastic birthday gift to myself!)!!  About 35 days until my birthday...I think that's enough time to lose 10 pounds, about 2 a week.  That's realistic, right?

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  1. That all sounds yummy! I feel like once or twice a year it's OK to eat way too much. My fiance polished off an entire block of cheese on top off all the main meal stuff though. Not good!

    1. haha! That actually makes me feel a lot better about my lack of will power yesterday!

  2. They design Thanksgiving so that you will eat too much... lol!

  3. that doesn't sound like too much compared to all I ate!!

  4. One day of eating anything you want is not going to kill your goals. I do it basically every Sunday. Now what I would suggest is to just get yourself back on track and eat as healthy as you can and get out and move everyday! 2 pounds a week is a very doable goal and a healthy way to look at loosing weight!

  5. ha! i make sure to wear elastic waistbands on thanksgiving.... it's the one day of the year i allow myself to eat so much I want to die. :)
    Don't feel guilty! Embrace it!

    1. Good call...embrace and move on. No sense in dwelling on the one day of the year you are supposed to indulge...and since when does just one day do irreparable damage? lol!!