Monday, November 19, 2012

An extra day away.

What a great weekend up in San Jose, California.  It was an easy drive up, and great to see my friend.  She was a bit sick so we didn't do anything crazy, but it was still awesome to see her!  Enjoy some photos!

Tunes and munchies- basics for a roadtrip

Rock Bottom Brewery- White Ale

Vanilla- Honey Tea

Have you ever had an It's It?  Oh my yummy goodness!  Coffee Icecream with oat meal cookie on top (no raisins!) dipped in chocolate!  My new favorite I think!  Sorry about the blurry photo I was trying to get a pic as quick as possible to get back to devouring it!

We also did a bit of baking on this cold weekend!

A bit of crafting too!  We made these mugs based on the people we met on our Alaska Road Trip!

Oh!  And I think my interview went well.  I have a second interview in two weeks!  *fingers crossed*!

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  1. I love San Jose! Those mugs are great. What a fun activity :)