Saturday, June 8, 2013

Moving is intense.

Oh boy.  Why didn't anyone tell me how much was involved with moving?
I've been in Vancouver, Washington for almost 1 whole week now.
It feels longer.
This week was filled with changing insurance (health and car!), changing all information, setting up my room, getting a new car, starting my new job...etc.
Phew.  So tired.

The good news is that I am really enjoying my job.
It is such a change of pace from any job that I have ever had.
I am actually being trained, my bosses bought me a brand new chair, and the people I help on a day to day basis are actually nice and not yelling at me.
It's wonderful.
I still have to get a second job since this one is only part time, so keep your fingers crossed that I get the one that I interviewed for last Tuesday.  I should find out either way about that one this coming Tuesday. *fingers crossed*

The other good news is that I did a bit of exploring.
Here are some crappy iphone photos. 
I'm definitely going to go back with my "fancy" camera and do a bit more!

Mt. Hood- Taken from Fort Vancouver

The Columbian River- Taken from Portland Womens Forum State Park

Multnomah Falls

Portland Rose Gardens


  1. Wow! Those pics are seriously breathtaking! What an awesome adventure! Glad your job is being amazing and good luck for Tuesday :)

  2. Wow, is the only word that came to mind. It looks so beautiful there. Hope you have a great day. And hoping you get that other job you want.