Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mumbo Jumbo.

I'm a bad blogger.
Have you noticed I haven't posted since Thursday?
Shall I update you on my fast paced crazy hectic life?
I helped my sister and her husband move into their new house over the weekend.
I told them I was only in charge of taping the boxes.
...and drawing funny pictures on them.
If you have to move all your crap, then you might as well have some fun with it.

 My sister and I used to watch Mrs. Doubtfire over and over when we were little.
This version is hilarious.

Sunday I went out with a lovely friend to a burger place.
Have you heard of it?
Oh my huge burger!
I don't know if I have told you guys before, but I don't eat cow.
Not for any animal rights reasonings, just for the reason that I don't like it (or ground meat of any kind).
It must be the blood in the meat.  TMI? Don't want to eat meat anymore?  Good.

Image found via Pinterest
So, that's a fun fact about me.

Back to the point:
I decided to build my own burger.
Good thing Melissa was there to help me.
I'm pretty sure she designed my whole burger.... and named it.

Veggie En Fuego:  
Veggie patty, honey wheat bun, cheddar cheese (I think), roaster red peppers, 
roasted corn and black beans, beer battered jalapenos, and chipotle adobo mayo.

We also got some fries with the bacon ketchup, and fried pickles.
And beer to wash it all down....obvi.
Oh my deliciousness.
But, oh how sick I felt the next day!
I've been eating pretty healthy, so I think eating the fried stuff made me a bit sick.
But, I do say it was worth it!
Since Sunday, nothing fun to report besides working.
But, I am happy to be working.
Gotta get that cash mon-aaaaay.

P.S. Anyone watching The Walking Dead??

Hanni El Khatib - "You Rascal You"

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  1. I had so much fun hanging out too! :-) Veggie En Fuego!!!! Rock on Sylvia!