Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I hate when I get caught doing weird things.

I am a weird person. 
I embrace this fact about me.
But, it is always embarrassing when you get caught doing weird things.
Let's go down memory lane, and I can give you an example.

Image found via Pinterest
 I had the house aaaalllll to myself.
My parents had gone on vacation for the week.
So, naturally I stayed in my jammies for like 3 days straight.
I hadn't washed off my make-up either.
Major racoon eyes!
So, I'm sitting in my gloriously sloth-like state.
And not only that....
...but I was fully engaged in a documentary marathon...
about ballerinas.
I know. I'm weird.
Little do I know, that my super cute neighbor decides to come over.
Racoon eyes. Oily hair.  Russian Ballerina envying gloriousness.
Caught by all people...a cute guy!
Womp womp.
He invited me over for a party that night.
So, I had to get ready super quick.
But it turned out to me a good night.
I'm probably remembered as the girl who likes Russian Ballerinas!
Who does that?

Image found via Pinterest
Do you get caught doing weird things too??


  1. This happens to me all the time! I always have to explain my interests whenever I mention something. I also love documentaries which a lot of people don't get. ;-( But actually noone has ever seen my messed up state because I live so far away from the city xD

    1. Documentaries are the best! haha must be nice to be away from the masses! lol

  2. ha! Lately I've been staying in PJs until about noon..... a lot! Looking for jobs, surfing the web, you know, being lazy. Luckily nobody's popped by, but I do have to take the pup out in slippers at 11AM. ha!
    I should really start showering when I crawl out of bed. :)

    1. haha yea I did the saaaaaame thing when I was looking for a job. But, I was so lazy that I couldn't even get myself to get out of bed to eat. I lost like 10 pounds! lol Good luck on the job hunting I know how much it sucks!