Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let's Talk On The Real {Budgeting} + Bloglovin'

Let me just start off by saying....budgeting sucks.
I mean, I have this money, why can't I spend it they way I want it?
^OK that sounded a little bit too much like JG Wentworth
But, really, why should I budget?
Oh, I will tell you all the reasons why!

If you're like me at all you need to save money to travel the world!
I learned lessons in budgeting when I was saving money to go to Europe and road trip to Alaska.
I was so happy that I had saved that money so I could have those experiences.

Somewhere in Yukon, Canada
So you can pay for unexpected items.
Like that oh-no moment when you drive on a nail and need a new tired.
Or a new transmission.
Or computer.
Or hair straightener (why are those so dang expensive anyways?)
Why can't I live somewhere where I don't have to rely on owning a car?

I was talking to my dad the other day about Roth IRA accounts.
If I start putting in 10% of my salary every year now vs. 5 years from now
then I should be able to retire when I am 55-58!
This is coming from my dad who is really good at money and who retired at 55!
Say what?!  You bet your cute little booty I am going to try my best to do that
But, really, 10% is going to be difficult.
Let's say that I waited 5 years to start saving for retirement...
I wouldn't be able to retire until 70!
Yikes.  I'll start saving now that you very much.

So moral of this post is that yea, budgeting sucks. 
Skipping over buying new clothes every week sucks.
But, what doesn't suck?
Being able to afford things that you have to pay for, want to do in the long run, and retiring earlier than most.

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  1. budgeting TOTALLY sucks. i hate having to give a portion of my paycheck to my 401k. ive been doing it for so long now that i don't see it anymore. blah.

    i also am having such difficulty skipping over the clothes buying! ive been doing good though. my husband and I are saving towards a downpayment on a house!! we are REALLY budgeting... ughhh