Thursday, March 7, 2013

"You don't watch (insert lame tv show here)?!"

People ask me all the time what shows I'm watching these days.
TV is such a waste of time.

Let's see:
The Walking Dead
The Biggest Loser
The Following
Hart of Dixie
Vampire Diaries
Grey's Anatomy

Is that a lot?
I think it kind of is.
I wish I wasn't into tv so much.
TV is kind of stupid...if you really think about it.
Did you really think about it?
I think I'm getting better at watching less because 
I realized that I hadn't watched The Biggest Loser and The Following and Hart of Dixie for like 2 weeks.
So, I'd count that as a win.

Image found via Tumblr.
 I think Michonne is becoming one of my favorites.
But, I don't think I could ever cut of The Walking Dead.
It is too good.

Image found via Tumblr.
and of course I love Daryl. 
He's not the type of guy I'd go for in real life, but I really like his character.
Hi, let's rename this post to The Walking Dead 
characters I love (can't forget Glenn and Maggie) and hate (ahem *andrea*). 
I think I might try cutting it down to only that.
Mmmm, no wait.  I can't give up The Biggest Loser.
OK, so just those two.

 Tom Waits: "Hold On"


  1. The Walking Dead is ahhh-maze-balls! I have absolutely zero time for TV anymore and that is a must-watch for me! I love me some Daryl of course. And I love how strong Carol is becoming - a long way from the abused wife in season 1!

    1. omg yes totally!!!! I agree with everything you said haha!

  2. lol my husband is obsessed with walking dead. i never had any want to watch that show! too gory for me :)

    1. it has gotten more gory than it used to be...but I just keep thinking, "How do they do that?!" so i guess thats how i get over it haha

  3. i knew you were close but since you live in chino hills i will let you know right now that leeann of join the gossip and i are planning a blogger meet-up at the jcrew factory in ontario, hope you will be able to make it. we are thinking the first weekend of april

    1. yea super close! I'm totally in for going! I've actually been chatting with leann the past couple of weeks so i'd love to join you guys!