Monday, February 18, 2013

90 days.

Alright, confession time.
I haven't trained for my half marathon coming up in 90 days exactly.
I know. Go ahead.  Tell me I am a bad person.
Have any of you trained for a half marathon?
Is it too late to start training?
Image found via Pinterest

Ideally I'd like to keep a 10:00 mile pace.
Do you think that that is at all possible to train for?
I'm not sure what my mile time is at right now. 
Probably somewhere around 12:00, if not more.

Also, I saw a before and after pic on Pinterest of a girls transformation of 90 days.
She looked bangin'!
That motivation right there, since that's the exact amount of time that I have!
I'm going to take before and afters too! Can't wait!


  1. good luck!! i too often how in advance you have to train for those sorts of things! i used to run cross country and obviously have practice everyday after school... i could run a 3 mile in 18 minutes... now, YEA RIGHT!

    1. dang girl! Thats crazy fast! Im just hoping to finish it in under 3 hours haha!

  2. Oh man..... you are one brave lady. Have you tried the couch to 5k??? Here is the link. I tried it once and only made it a day, but I'm suuuuuper lazy. I've heard it does wonders. I know it's only 5k in 2 months, but you could amp the idea up a bit maybe?
    Anyways..... thanks for the button swap!

    1. I do have the couch25k app! I think I could just amp up the mileage on least thats what Im thinking in theory! haha! Thanks!!

  3. good luck! i admire anyone that attempts any marathon :)

    1. haha! Well...Ill just be happy to finish it without passing out haha!