Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let's Talk On The Real {Pimples}

Ugh. Pimples.
Hi, I'm 26 years old and still break out like a teenager.
Wait, I take that back.
My pimples have matured as I've gone into my advancing age.
Huge (think like 3-4 pimples rolled into one!), cystic, painful, pimples.
What. The. Heck.
But, I think I have found out what the problem is.

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Problem #1- Freaking Mother Nature.
I get these kinds of pimples around my period.
Funny how they last all month and not a week.
I went on birth control to help.
It does. Kinda.
Now, instead of getting these pimples every month, I get them every couple months.
But, hey I'll take that over every month!
Solution? No solution here.  It's impossible. What more can I do?

Problem #2- Soda.
I just thought about this the other day.
I think that soda really brings these kinds of pimples about.
I noticed that I was drinking a lot more soda than normally, 
and I have been breaking out with these painful pimples a lot more. 
So, I'm thinking there is a connection here.
Solution?  Stop drinking soda! duh.  And obviously more water and more water!

Problem #3- Splenda.
Splen-mothingf'ing-da...  Makes these pimples come out with a VENGENENCE!
Not just for a couple weeks...but MONTHS! and they'll look like they're going away, then BAM! 
They come back for more!  I won't ever eat stupid Splenda!
Solution? Duh again, stop eating splenda!  
I haven't had splenda in like 2 years. But, it's not something that is hard to stay away from anyways.  
But, I'm sure there is a link to splenda and soda (Since I typically drink diet sodas)

Problem #4- Picking the pimples.

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 I'm sorry, I just can't help myself.  
I have to pick at them.  
They are HUGE and I just can't have a big fat pimple staring myself right in the face
...and looking at other people!  
Also, they are so painful that it feels better when I pop it.  
Is this TMI? 
 But, then I keep picking at it...and that's probably why they last longer too.
Solution? Well, stop picking at them obviously...but I just can't help myself!

Imgae found via Pinterest
I have had some kind bloggers give me some tips for managing these raging pimples 
(like making an aspirin paste and applying to the pimple.  
Oh my gosh, let me tell you how much of a life saver that tip was! 
It relieved the pain and also I think helped it heal faster!)

I hope you aren't plagued with these raging pimples like I am!


  1. I get hormonal zits as well ('oh- that's why I felt that pain in my side yesterday!') and I've noticed when I'm more in control of my diet, and drinking more water I don't get as many. Aaaah! Splenda! I'll watch out for that - I've been having a lot more splenda lately.

  2. holy hell, this brings back memories to a post that i did and you commented on. i feel your pain 100 PERCENT! i did try the aspirin thing and it helped a little... better than that "toothpaste" trick. i also have found that if i soak it with a seering hot face cloth, for like 3 minutes then immediately with cold water, repeat this like 500 times, it eventually drys it up and closes. i freaking hate pimps SO SOOOOO much. omG. ps i have splenda everyday and never thought this was doing it, but mayne you are right!

    1. oh my gosh yea your post was great! I've just been breaking out like crazy the past couple weeks and I just had to vent! I think I've gotten my face more under control but I'll try your wash cloth trick when I feel another outbreak! I think I might get that zeno hot spot thing ive seen on tv...seems like about the same thing with heat :-)