Monday, February 25, 2013

Aussie Goodness.

The great thing about traveling is meeting people from all over the place.
On my trip to Alaska, 
I went with one of my sorority sisters 
and a girl that she met on her Europe trip who is from Australia.
Can I please tell you how much I love Australian people?
They are so freaking nice.
I haven't made my way to Australia just yet, but I definitely plan to!
Although, this might deter me a bit!

Image found via Pinterest
But, she did send me a delightful parcel in the post!
Is that how Australians would phrase it?  I'm going to say yes.
It was full of yummy things found only in the land of oz.
And also, some cute things because she knows me!

1- Cadbury Chocolate: Rasberry Mouse flavor.
The most delicious chocolate ever!
2- A dolphin card.
It's an inside joke.
3- Tim Tams- 2 packages!  
A raspberry flavor and a chocolate flavor!
4- A Russian Nesting Doll.
I am OBSESSED with these things!
5- Milo
What would Tim Tams be without a little Milo for a Tim Tam Slam?!

Oh my goodness I am on an Aussie overload!
Not enough Australia in this post for you?
Please enjoy one of my favorite Australian bands!

Boy & Bear: "Rabbit Song" 

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  1. I have never tried cadbury chocolate - I really need to find some!!
    I want to go to Australia someday as well.