Monday, February 11, 2013

I will continue to be a hippie.

The best compliment I have ever received is when someone called me a hippie.
I was ecstatic.
Best. Compliment. Ever.
Was is intended to be a compliment?  Who knows.
I took it to be anyways.

Image found via Pinterest
Today is the first day of my new job.
I know that I am just going to be getting yelled at all day long at this job.
I am mentally preparing myself for it.
What I need to remember is to show kindness and patience in these situations.
Hopefully, this will help me to remain a happy and nice person
without letting these other people get to me.

Image found via Pinterest
I will remain a hippie.
I will not let the meanness and rudeness of other people change the free loving spirit I have.
And the fact that I have to dress professionally isn't my cup o' tea...
I'd be barefoot all the time if I could.
Check out my favorite hippies.

 Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros: "Desert Song"
The beginning might be a little weird, but the actual song starts at 1:43

My real dream job would be to run away with this band.
I've seen them play like 5 times in person.
If you have a chance to see them, definitely do it.
The best live concerts I have EVER been to.

Thought of the day:  I wish I could have a boxer puppy in the form of a puppy forever.
Just sayin'.


  1. I love this! I love hippies! Keep doing YOU girl and that's all that matters. Also, if you figure out a way to keep boxer puppies in puppy form- I want one.

    1. haha thanks! And I will def send one your way if I can find Forever Boxer Puppies haha!

  2. I'm sorry your job already has you stressed. I was in a position like that before (part of the reason I ended up moving last year rather than this summer). I love the messages you've posted here- keep them close to you! Try to exert yourself as much as you can where you are, and make it a more personal space. I hope it gets better as time goes on. :)

    1. Well, I knew going in it would be stressful. I asked the girl I am replacing today why she is leaving, and she was likely honestly its the stress. Yikes! I like your advice too! I will def try! I hope it will get better too...once I get more comfortable I'm sure it will :-)

  3. I Called you a Hippie! and I meant it in the absolutely best way possible!!