Sunday, February 17, 2013

It looks like I lied on my resume.

I am one of those people that tells the truth.
At all times.
I'd attribute it to the fact that I am really kind of lazy.
I don't want to have to keep up with lies and have to remember all the time of what I said to who.
So, I just find that it makes my life a whole lot simpler to just tell the truth.

Have I mentioned that my new job is going to make me fatter?  That's a whole other post!

On my resume, I put on there that I know how to use Excel and Outlook.
Which is 100% true.

Image found via Pinterest
 My computer was finally set up late Thursday.
They did have Excel and Outlook uploaded to the computer.
However, the versions that they have on there are WAY outdated.
So, yea I do know how to use these programs...just not the versions that they have!
Yeesh, I feel like I have to re-learn these programs 
because I have no idea where anything is in the old versions!
So, it looks like I lied on my resume- but they also don't have the updated programs!
What. The. Heck.
I want to ask ask them to get the new versions...
but I don't that will happen since my desk chair is literally from the 1970's.
All well.

What would be better than an outdated song to go with this post?
Sugar Ray: "Every Morning"


  1. I hate working in different versions of Microsoft Office! It is awful!! And LOVE the Sugar Ray flashback!

  2. Haha I get so scared with resumes because the job I do now I was thrown into without knowing the programs. So even stuff I REALLY do know how to do I second guess myself and think I don't know them. I need to be more confident!

  3. i like how you end your posts with songs!! :) good one!

    1. haha i know, right? I just have really been in the music mood these days!