Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday #1


This is my first weigh in Wednesday!  
I am so excited to be participating to get some motivation from all you fantastic ladies!

I didn't take a picture of the scale last week because...well I didn't know about this challenge haha! 
But, you can take my word that I weighed in at 167.6.  
Today I woke up at:

Argh!  I can't figure out how to flip it!

Although it is sideways, it reads 164.4.  
But you darlings are smart people so I'm sure you could have figured that out on your own.
That 3.2 pounds down! 
What the heezy?
I have no idea how I lost.  
I haven't really been doing done anything.
I need to start getting out and exercising.
My plan is to do the Ease into5k running plan for the next few weeks.
And also the Insanity program.
And eating better of course!

Workout song of the week:

Jessie J- Do it Like a Dude

 What is your plan of action for this week?


  1. Congrats! I am excited to read your progress with ease into 5k- I have tried doing couch to 5k but it didn't fit my schedule. (I think this is the #1 'that is not a real excuse' exercise excuse) :)

    1. I'll definitely try to post on how I feel about it! I think that is a good long as youre fitting something else in that does work lol

  2. Good job!! All my fitness stuff got sidetracked by neck getting messed up but I'm hoping to get back to it by the weekend.

    1. Ah man thats terrible news! Yes, hopefully by the weekend you will feel much better!

  3. Look at you shedding those pounds!!! Way to go!!! New follower!

    1. Thank girl! I wish I had done more to deserve it (not that I'm complaining!) lol

  4. way to go! great job...the Insanity program is hardcore! i like to do the cardio dvd but that's about the only one I stick with. keep up the good work!