Thursday, January 17, 2013

As if #operationredbikini and signing up for a half marathon weren't enough motivation.

I am not lacking in the motivation department for losing weight.
I am lacking in the execution part...obvi.

However, I was talking to my cousin the other day,
and she is going to do a mini roadtrip version of my Alaska adventure.
I think she is only going as far north as Seattle,
although I am trying to convince her to go up to Vancouver, Canada at least!

Well, at the end of her trip, she is stopping in Las Vegas, Nevada and San Diego, California.
Both of these are only within a few hours drive time for me.

So, obviously I invited myself along.
Whoa! double whammy for motivation!
Tight dresses, hanging out by the pool, laying out at the beach?

Vegas 2011
San Diego 2011 with one of my Best Friends
 I need to get my booty in gear!
Any one want to be accountability partners?


  1. I'm in! I need all the motivation I can get! HOLLA

  2. that road trip sounds fun! i haven't been to vegas since i've been an adult (went a few times with family when i was younger), so that is def on the top of my list for next vacation!

    1. Oh you have to go! Totally different from when you are younger... you'll probably think, "My parents thought it was a good idea to bring children here?" haha But, I just like to go out and dance and have a good if youre into that then youll have a blast!

  3. you look amazing in the sparkling number!

    1. Thanks! Its amazing what photos kind not show sometimes! haha!

  4. I am so jealous of your adventures! I have never been to Vegas...I think it would be stimulation overload for me- haha! Love your silver number- I could never pull that off!

    1. car definitely had a name, too. I just didn't put that on the post because I thought I seemed pathetic enough already haha. RIP Hattie the Honda

    2. haha oh I think you could! Just throw it on and pretend like you can! Thats what I did! lol oh I don't think your post was pathetic at all..or maybe I just identified with it a lot...but in that case at least you are not alone! lol