Monday, January 28, 2013

Alaska Adventures: Mike and Derrick

I think it is about time for another installment of Alaska Adventures.  

We are just coming up from Roseburg Oregon, 
where we had stayed with some friends of Cheryl's that she had worked on a winery with up there.
We were heading up to Portland, and realized that we didn't really have anywhere to stay.
It had occured to us earlier in the trip that we should try Couch Surfing.
We tried to do it in San Francisco, but it was too short notice.
But, we found two guys named Mike and Derrick to stay with in Portland.

These guys had a pretty nice apartment that they were kind to open up to us.
There was another girl that had stayed with them that week and she was on her way out.
She had an interesting story.  She was from Switzerland and went to Portland to build a bicycle.

We explored all of the city.  
Making sure to hit up Voodoo Donuts
getting caught in the rain, 
eating some delicious food from food trucks,
and taking a four person bike around the city.

Kylie, Me, Cheryl
 After our bike ride, 
Mike called us and said he was making some Sangria and was going to go drink it in the park.
He invited us along, and of course we accepted.
These guys were some of the nicest people we met on the trip.
They both were into traveling and playing practical jokes on their friends.
Mike had just gotten back from a trip to Argentina.

We were sad to leave them the next day.
But we got a text from Mike saying that we had forgotten something.
He said we forgot to take him with us to Alaska!
Fortunately, this wasn't the last time we got to see them.

Luckily for us, these guys were normal.
Many of the people we met on the trip were not.
Look forward to funny stories about those people!


  1. OMG that is so awesome! Pretty pics too!

  2. Holy wow you are so much braver than me! I am convinced every single stranger is a serial killer just waiting to strike haha. I am living vicariously through you!

    1. haha! I'm a smidge of the same way, but there were three of us girls so I felt pretty safe! lol

  3. I agree that you are very brave! How awesome that you put yourself out there to gain new experiences! A bit jelly over here but in a good way :) Yay for meeting cool and interesting people!

    1. Thanks! It was totally worth it! and if you ever have the opportunity to do something like it I would definitely recommend it!