Friday, January 4, 2013

Cake Stand Tutorial

Happy Friday friends!  
Today I'd like to do a little tutorial on the cake stand that I made for my Birthday.  
This project is so easy, and you can say that you made it yourself!

I first did this project a couple years ago with my friend, so I can't take full credit for this brilliant idea!

What you will need to get is a plate and candle stick holder.

I got these from the thirft store... I did a little thrift shop shopping... 
what what what what? 
Savin' my money and I'm hella happy that's a bargain, bitch.


 I digress. 

You will also need some epoxy glue.  
I had originally used hot glue, but when I went to wash the stand, it fell apart in my hands.  
So, don't do that.  
My dad said he got the epoxy glue from the 99 cent store!

Make sure to mark out on the plate before applying the glue where you will want the candle stick to go.  Measure it for the middle or else it will be lopsided.  
Not that I learned that the hardway...good thing the hot glue didn't work. haha!

Put some glue on the candle stick 
Make sure its enough, 
but not too much so that it won't get all over the place when you push it down on the plate.
Put it on the mark you made. And wait for it to dry. 
Ta-da!  Cake stand!  

For the one pictured above, the plate was too top heavy.

  So, I added a plate to the bottom and it worked like a charm!  
I made two because they were so darn easy and pretty cheap!


  1. SO CUTE!!!! I've been wanting to make stuff like this lately (I want to make a smaller version for my jewelry on top of my dresser) but our thrift stores SUCK and they never have any pretty plates or candle holders!

  2. Ooo yea! THe one I made a year or so ago is small for jewelry and actually really perfect for it...not to rub it in your face! lol Its really unfortunate that your thrift stores aren't better...but also at mine they were selling plates for 20 bucks each! So maybe its better to not have anything haha

  3. Sylvia, these turned our great! I especially love the second one...that shade if yellow is really pretty and the candlestick holder is an awesome thrift find! Thanks for the tip on using epoxy...I would of never known!

  4. adorable!! holy cow! such a nice job :)

  5. the plates are so pretty! well done!

  6. Love the tutorial, love the song and the simplicity. I don't think I'll have one of those in the next couple of years but it was fun to read ^_^