Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sometimes you just have to brush that dirt off yo' shoulders.

Jay-Z: "Dirt off your shoulder"

Thanks Jay-Z because you are right, "Ladies is pimps too".  
I'm done wallowing (I think) and ready to start getting back to being myself.
Thanks for being a jerk... OK, seriously. I'm over it.  Moving on.
In these wise words:

Thanks Liz.
We're on a first name basis. Obvi.

I am now getting back on that fitness horse!
6 mile run yesterday and another planned for later today.
and by run I mean partly walk. And by partly walk I mean almost all walking.

 Find this shirt here

Gimme dat shirt!
And if you haven't seen Pitch Perfect yet...then you need to get on it!

My half marathon is in 115 days.
I need to get my mile time faster and my endurance up.
I think it's possible.
I hope.
I'm just going to start focusing on this more instead of other areas in my life that are bothering me.
Yes, that sounds like a good plan.


  1. Replies
    1. I loved it! And I can't stop quoting it! haha

  2. Hahaha I really want that shirt. And thank you for bringing a little Jay-Z into my life on this pre-Friday. If you start feeling down again...just take comfort in the fact that I still remember a high school cheerleading dance to "dirt off your shoulders" I can always bust it out for you.

  3. hahaha oh my lord that shirt. amazing!!

    1. I know, right? I need it in my closet like yesterday! lol

  4. I love that shirt! It's my thoughts exactly! :-)

    1. Its how I feel every time I think about working out haha

  5. I NEED THAT SHIRT! & Pitch Perfect is aaaamazing! :) "I'm horizontal running"

    1. haha! Such a great movie! Horizontal running! I wish I could run my half marathon that way!!!

    2. that line was one of the best parts in that movie!!

  6. ha! This cracked me up! Love that Liz quote. :)
    Thought I was following you, but I definitely am now!