Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to not give a F***

First, I'd like to preface this post by saying:

And also, that I really don't say the F word too many times, but I thought this post was necessary.

I kind of realized that I am really good at not really caring what people think about me,
This isn't to say that I never get self-conscious, but I've just learned to deal with it differently.
and I thought that I would pass this along to you dear readers.

I think it started when I was just a little girl.
I got picked on a lot... a lot. a lot.
so I had to learn that other people's opinions are not what I should use to form an outlook on myself.
Once you learn that, 
and are comfortable with yourself, 
and your skin, 
and who you are, 
and where you are going,
then you will no longer care what other people and society expect from you.

Let me tell you a little story from when I was working in an office composed of 95% women.
Women are catty. 
Like I can't even stand it.  Whatever.

Two girls in my office got pregnant.  One girl was married.  One girl out of wedlock (not that I'm judging) but...it was with the bosses son... who she swore she wasn't dating.  
Dun dun dun. Drama drama drama. I know.

So, two other girls in the office were kind of making fun of them a bit.
The thing about the office was that there were no cubicles.  
Just a big open space for all the desks.
So, my desk just happened to be within listening distance.
These two sets of girls already didn't like each other.
I didn't care about either of them, so I got along with both of them.
Until this day, where the preggos thought I was making fun of them too.
Say what?
I was at least 10 feet away...at my own desk...not even talking.
Now, what do you think I did?
I didn't give a f***!

I didn't care if they liked me, and I really didn't care if they didn't.
I was there to get my own s*** done.
I was too busy to even gossip.

They were not the end all be all of my opinion of myself.
Lot's of girl drama.  So glad I don't work there anymore!

All I'm saying is that there will always be people that will try and strong arm you into feeling bad about yourself, or to try and apologize for things that you shouldn't.   
Be strong and confident in who you are, and you will reap the benefits.
Holllaaaa to a substantial raise for my hard-work and staying out of office drama!

Doves: "There Goes the Fear"

It's hard for me to understand why people care so much about other people's opinions, 
so this might be hard for you to put into practice.  
But, you will be so much happier when you are confident with who you are all the way around.
But also, please note that I am not saying there isn't always room for improving yourself, 
but that should come from you yourself, 
and not because you are trying to please other people.

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  1. Hahaha this is the funniest thing I've read all day! I am so glad I found your blog from tell me about it Tuesday. I love the Jenna Marbles GIF

    1. well thank you! Jenna Marbles his hi-larious! Your blog is great as well!

  2. hah, spot on! I have never been around as much cattiness as when I worked retail. Those girls were terrible! I pretty much stopped caring so much in high school, but then it turned into a reverse thing where I cared so little I intentionally broke social/style norms. Which kind of just turns into caring again once you go full circle (punks are some fashion whores in their own way!).

  3. yay for staying out of office drama! i stay at my desk 99% of the time to avoid it. at least in my "office" there are only 3 of us, on the other side, there are 20+ girls in the same room and there is so much DRAMA. keep up the funny lady!

    1. oy vay! Lucky you for being on the 3 person side! My office was very small...15 ppl, 12 of them being girls. I had my little cubby hole and I liked it that way :-) Thank you for your sweet words!