Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Having friends makes it easier.

I was reading over on Kassie's Blog about her #operationredbikini challenge, and I just thought that that was the most delightful thing!  I will definitely be participating in this since I may or may not have a bikini that I bought before this past summer that I thought I would fit into, but then didn't do anything to make that goal!  And so, obviously/embarrassingly enough it didn't fit come sum sum summa time.

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So, fun news.  I just signed up for this really cool website.  IDK if you've heard of it?  It's called Instagram? I know, I know I'm way ahead of the times jk!  Find me here  Let me know who you are so I can check out your photos as well!  Also, I only have one photo up as of the writing on this post haha!

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I'm actually really thinking of doing a half marathon.  Like, seriously contemplating it.  Anyone thinking of doing one as well?  Or the #operationredbikini challenge? Let's be fitness friends! But, seriously...hit me up if you are interested!

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I'm thinking some sort of giveaways will be in order as I hit different mini goals on my way to the main goal.  What do you think?  Who doesn't love a good giveaway!


  1. Are you following the instragram hoopla over their new terms of service? It's pretty shitty imho. I think I'm actually going to switch to the new flickr app instead.

    1. ah man no I haven't heard about it at all! I'll look into though! Thanks for the heads up!