Thursday, December 27, 2012


How was your Christmas?  
Mine was full of present opening, breakfast eating, coffee sipping, and yelling at my brother.  Wait, what?  Yes, for some reason he likes to pester me.  So, Christmas morning sounds a bit like this:

This is my warning.  Very serious.
Stop it. 
Mom comes in and gives him "the look".  Yes, my brother is 35 and "the mom look" still works on him.

The thing that I look forward to every year is getting razors and shaving cream in my stocking.  
I'm easy to please apparently.  
My sister in law seemed surprised to hear that the one bottle we get at Christmas lasts me all year.  
She asked what happens when I run out.  
My answer?  
I stop shaving my legs...hence why I hadn't shaved for 2 months! 
Is this TMI?  
The good news is that I have freshly shaved legs! woo hoo!

I have a dinner party coming up on Saturday that I am hosting, so I will be busy busy getting ready for it!  I am so excited! 


  1. can of shaving cream lasts me forever and a day, too. And I buy men's shaving cream because it's like 5 times cheaper and you can't smell it afterward anyway. That silly $1.89 can lasts me a good 4-6 months!

  2. i never shave my legs. sometimes in the summer i skip too- whoops!

  3. lol, is it weird i just use water ???

    1. not at all! I was talking to my best friend and she only uses water as well! I think my skin is way too sensitive for that and id suffer from razor burn for days if I did that!