Saturday, December 1, 2012

Check engine lights and almost killing my dog.

I was pumped to go up and see my family this weekend.  Find the proof here in this text convo with my cousin yesterday:

Here in California you actually have to drive to the snow... I don't go very often!

We planned to go see the new Twilight movie, have a celebration dinner for my other cousin getting a job, go play in the snow, and get a Christmas tree.

Well, yesterday when I was driving Randall the Raincloud (that's my car's name) the check engine light came on.  It could be nothing, or it could be something big.  I didn't want to risk a 7 hour drive and have to possibly get towed...and in the rain!  So, I had to cancel the plans to go up.  Now, I have a hot date with a auto shop to see what's going on...when I eventually get around to taking it in!

Also, I almost killed Gusss!  Okay, maybe killed is a strong word.  Ya know the cute bow I made him for Christmas?  Well, I guess he was coughing from it quite  bit, and when we took it off he was all better.  So, we had to throw out that bow and put on the outfit we had him in last year.  Looks like we will be hanging out for the weekend haha!

Look at that sleepy pup!

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  1. aw! your pup continues to kill me with cuteness!

    that really sucks your trip had to be cancelled- did you find out what happened? (or is that hot date today lol)

    1. haha! I got to cancel that date! My bro in law had a device I could plug in to see what was looks like something for the spark plugs...When I was driving my car yesterday the light went off so thats a bit of good news and hopefully nothing expensive is wrong with it!