Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cookie time it's cookie time!

Anyone recognize that quote? (you know, I feel like most of my post titles come from movie quotes....I'm seeing a trend here!)  Troop Beverly Hills anyone...anyone?  Just me? Ok...moving one.

Yesterday my family got together to do a bit of cookie decorating...I'm fairly certain I ate about 231 cookies.

Arghhh typo in the watermark!

I thought I took photos of the finished products...but I think I got too caught up in eating them!

My nieces made these adorable gingerbread houses... aren't they they cutest nieces you have ever seen in your entire life (ok ok I am sure your nieces are very cute as well!)?

My brother decided he wanted to see how my camera worked...I don't think he was doing it right for some reason.

Sometimes... extra large pictures are just not a good idea.


  1. That picture of your brother is hilarious!! Haha. And what amazing cookies :)

  2. Those gingerbread houses look yummy!!!

  3. haha what a great picture of your brother. Love the gingerbread houses!