Wednesday, October 17, 2012

There's a storm a-brewin'

...or at least I wish there was.  Hey, California!  What's the deal with the 90F weather?  Maybe all this crocheting that I have been doing is a way to bring good Fall juju.  I made this blue scarf one for my friends' birthday (sure her birthday way last week, but I won't remind her if you won't!  Belated birthdays are my favorite anyways because it makes them last longer!). 

This scarf was so stinkin' easy to make that I made another one (a tiny bit shorter than the blue one).  I'm thinking of doing some sort of giveway for this white scarf (you can even tell your friends that you made it! haha!)...maybe once I hit 10 followers! 

I pulled my hair a bit to the side so you could see both sets of buttons on it.  I think I might move them looks too symmetrical to me (and I hate symmetry!)

Here is a close up shot (yarn and buttons from the ever classy Wal-Mart), and you can find the pattern here (it's perfect for beginning crocheters!). 

Also, have you heard of Ravelry?  It's a fantastic site filled with patterns for crocheters and knitters!  You can even input the yarn that you have on hand, and the site will find patterns that can use it...pretty genius if you ask me.  Actually, I'm, wondering why I hadn't thought of this idea!

I'll keep you posted about the giveaway...if I ever make it to 10 followers!

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  1. Those look super cute! And yes, I agree rent going up is the worst! BTW, you are a no reply commenter so I can't answer you via email. Send me an email if you want to know to fix it, so people can reply straight to you via email!