Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Single Shaming.

I think I've mentioned on here before that I am 100% single.
I like being single (most days).
I've always said that if I'm married at 30-32 I'll be happy.

But, what I want to write about today is single shaming.
Oh. my. lord. I can't tell you how often this happens to me.

Random co-worker (only 3 days I started my new job):
"Oh, so now that you have this job are you going to find someone and get married and have kids?"
Umm, what?  That's kind of a personal question, and I hardly know you.
And if you did know me then you would know that kids are DEFINITELY no where in my thought process.

Other co-workers:
"So, do you have a boyfriend?"
"No, I don't."
"Oh, well how old are you?"
"Oh...umm...well you still have time."
Hell yea I still have time.  This isn't the 1800's, and I am not an old maid just yet!
That last statement is usually followed up by what I call "The Look".
Which is basically a sympathetic yet quizzical look that asks, 
"What the hell is wrong with you that you aren't married yet?"

Random restaurant guy:
I was feeling really sick so I went to my favorite pho restaurant for some soup.
"Just for one?'
"oh {insert The Look here}, well I will eat dinner with you."
Geez.  Do I have to share every meal with a significant other?

If I waited for a guy to do anything in my life, nothing would get done
...and apparently I would be really hungry.
Boy: "Little Numbers"


  1. Oh this brings back so many memories...haha. I don't know why people think if you're not married by 22-23 there's something wrong! I didn't get married until I was almost I'm almost 30 and still no kids (the way people act you'd think It's almost too late or something) sister is 27 and not dating of my best friends is 30 and single and her sister is like 33 and single...nothing wrong with any of them!! :)

  2. LOL sooooo funny! I totally know what you're talking about. I'm quite happy being single and all but I also get that kind of reaction.
    The worst are those who think you need to make "getting a boyfriend" your biggest priority.

  3. I'm there with you girl! I'm happily single and have to listen to everyone else complain about being single haha. I feel like everyday I'm talking a friend from the ledge of single or baby!fever lol.

  4. oh my gosh it is SO ridiculous!!! Nothing wrong with being single, lady!

  5. It doesn't stop even if you are in a relationship Katie :-)!!! LOL June will be 6 years for Danny and I. For about 5 and a half years of it we get the "Marriage Shaming" . Why aren't you married? When are you getting married? Why doesn't he want to marry you? Do you not want to marry him? Why don't you two have kids, its been long enough? Don't you both have good jobs to afford a wedding, or wont your family help? Whats the problem? If I have to Grin and kindly reply to another person I am going to punch them in the face and cause them further bodily harm. I totally agree everyone should mind their own damn business LOL (BTW I like to eat alone sometimes too)

    1. haha! oh my gosh i know! My sister gets asked ALL the time when they are having kids! Yeesh...why do ppl care so much about other ppls lives? I don't get it!