Monday, April 8, 2013

Ok, well now what?

I was going to do another "oh dear, it's Monday again" gif set.
But, for's not really a normal Monday.
I got laid off from my job on Friday.
So, I guess it's back to life like this post on my previous interviews.
Oh, I sure hope not!
I actually feel like the world is at my fingertips!
I can start over in a sense.
Do I want to go back to school and get a teaching credential?
Do I want to move?
Well, I for sure want to move.
The question is where? or even, when?
What do you guys do for a living?
Because, you know, I'm kind of looking for some ideas.


  1. I got laid off almost two months ago so I know how you feel! I'm still looking for something, but I'm about to go back to school & get my teaching degree! Hope you find something better soon :)

  2. omg this is so sad! why were you laid off?
    it's good that you consider it a time for a freh start. i'm doing a traineeship until next year and will start going to university afterwards. ^^

    1. I'm not that heartbroken over it lol I could see it coming. The girl that I replaced started her own company and stole a bunch of accounts...ones that I was supposed to take over. So, no more accounts= no need for me. School will be great! Do a lot of internships for the fields you want to get will definitely help you get a job you want. I wish I had done that when I was in school!

  3. Sorry to hear about the layoff but, I'm like you at a crossroads in my life (career and job wise) the only one thing I am certain I want to do is... move. So instead of focusing on a career and letting it lead me to where I go I'm finding my perfect place to live and going to find the perfect career there. I just know I'm looking for happiness and it's out there for us both to find!

    The Plaid Princess

    1. Exactly my thoughts! The only thing is that it's hard to get hired somewhere if you don't really live close. So, I think I'm just going to have to pack my car up, and head out to wherever it is that I decide will be good! haha Keep me updated on how the search is going for you!

  4. oh no, i'm so sorry to hear about that!!! im glad you weren't completely blind sighted by it though.

    my only advice is to find work before you move! i know it's hard. and it sucks. especially when you have to apply and submit your resume, then fill out the application on top of that which requires all the same info that is already on your resume that they made you attach. it is such a grueling task. but good luck with everything and keep us posted how you are doing!!